What are the Benefits of CBD?

After being legalized in many states of the US and Canada, medical marijuana is something that everyone is talking about. And there are some terms like THC and CBD that are commonly used when the topic of medical marijuana is brought up. So, the question arises is; what is CBD and why should I care?

So, What is CBD?

What is CBDCannabidiol, or CBD is one out of 113 known compounds of cannabinoids. This compound has significant medical benefits. CBD is something which does not leave the user stoned. It is actually opposite of that and can be used to neutralize the effect of THC. The fact that it’s been getting more popular amongst patients is because it is a great alternative to many pain relieving medicines and is far less-psychoactive than THC. So many patients use it for getting rid of anxiety, seizures, pain and many other medical conditions that can leave the patient in agony. Also, CBD is known to increase physical activity rather than leaving the patient in a state of uneasiness or laziness. Apart from that, scientific research has proved that CBD may actually help in treating a wide array of medical conditions which includes diabetes, depression, arthritis, etc.

CBD being used for medical purposes shows no signs of negative effects when taken in heavy dosage. It is also being studied for its properties that include cancer preventions.

There was a time when only THC was being encouraged, but now things have changed. CBD extracts are getting more and more recognition around the world and more and more people are experiencing the medical benefits of consuming CBD. It is very amusing to know that both CBD and THC are safe even after an overdose. But still, many people choose to avoid any risks or mind-altering substances and use the cannabis strains that have high CBD levels.

For medical purposes, cannabis oil is widely used and can be high in THC levels, but surprising, the CBD oil industry also managed to make its mark. This new category gained a lot of recognition. So, what is CBD oil?

What is CBD Oil?

What is CBD Oil?Made from the extracts that are high in CBD and really low in THC, CBD oil is a lot different from our regular THC-rich cannabis. It is becoming widely accepted for its effects against anxiety and relief from inflammation. The research is still being conducted, as there are many misunderstandings and misinformation when it comes to CBD oil.

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How Does CBD Work?

The basic function of CBD and other components of cannabinoids is to attach themselves to receptors in the human body, causing different effects and since the human body creates traces of cannabinoids on its own, it has receptors of its own. The two receptors that the human body has been known to be activated by THC. It is very much believed that CBD does not attach itself to either of these two receptors, but it makes the body produce its own cannabinoids. This prevents the high that a person usually gets from consuming THC, which usually causes a high in the brain, affecting the functioning of movement, appetite, mood, emotions, etc.

Health Benefits of CBD

The effects of CBD in the body have shown many health benefits over the years. CBD oil is used in different ways, like rubbed on the skin or taken orally and, most commonly, vaped. It is nothing new that CBD is used for pain relief. For thousands of years, CBD has been used for these purposes. Only after performing studies on this compound, humans have discovered more health benefits and safer ways to consume it.

When it comes to benefits, CBD helps to ease the pain of numerous medical conditions. Studies might be being conducted for its use against a wide range of disorders, but the compound has shown its positive effects like decreasing anxiety and inflammatory issues.

  • The studies also have shown that CBD has anti-cancer agents present, which can be used to fight cancer in the future. CBD has the ability to kill or suppress the cancer cells. Since CBD shows far less intoxicating effects than THC, it can actually be used clinically for the treatment of cancer which could be a major breakthrough.
  • THC might not be a very great option when it comes to getting relief from anxiety as it is known to cause anxiety and uneasiness in some people; in such cases, CBD might be a better option. CBD has shown potential to treat anxiety, panic attacks, traumatic stress etc.
  • One of the biggest benefits of CBD is that it can help in quitting tobacco. It is a great alternative to smoking cigarettes. A lot of studies have been conducted over the years and all of them have proven that the use of CBD or THC can reduce a person’s craving for nicotine. And if someone is looking forward to quitting smoking, then CBD might be an option. CBD can help with the mood uplifting and treat insomnia. So, if a person is using a vaporizer rather than smoking, then it is much safer and can avoid risks of getting lung problems. Since smoking combusts the substance, which can release harmful compounds, vaporizers, like the name suggests, vaporizes the compound making it much safer.
  • Mental health disorders can be treated with the help of the CBD. In disorders like epilepsy, where a person starts to lose consciousness or suffer from seizures, CBD can be extremely helpful. CBD has properties which work against seizures and it also it can be used to get relief from epilepsy. There are also drugs available which work for treating neurological disorders, but when compared to CBD, it can be easily said that CBD is a lot safer than these medications, as it shows minimal side effects and is far more effective than them.
  • Studies have shown that Alzheimer’s can be prevented with the help of the CBD. It can actually prevent people from forgetting faces from earlier stages of life. This is an extremely important breakthrough, as Alzheimer’s currently has no real treatment.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

Since we’ve talked so much about the benefits, let’s talk about the potential health risks related to the consumption of the CBD.

CBD might look like a harmless compound as it can be easily tolerated by the human body, but there are some health risks, or in simple words, side effects related to it. Some of the side effects include diarrhea, appetite changes and sometimes tiredness. Also, CBD oil, when used with other medications, can make the effects of those medications behave differently in the body. For instance, the medication can have a much greater effect than before, or make it far less effective.

But these side-effects are rare and negligible compared to pharmaceutical alternatives.

Some Important Facts About CBD:

  • CBD is one of the most important ingredients in cannabis. Marijuana strains are usually high in THC rather than CBD, but their level varies from plant to plant. There are strains that are rich in CBD too.
  • CBD combines its effects with other compounds like THC. This helps the user with getting a better effect and a good high.
  • CBD has medical benefits, as mentioned above. It prevents anxiety, seizure, and many more medical issues.
  • CBD counteracts the negative effects of THC. For example, THC can result in anxiety in many people, so CBD can help in altering that effect, giving the person a good high and better health benefits.
  • CBD has gained a reputation over the years due to the fact that there are many different products containing CBD available, and most of them have different methods of consumption. Some can be taken as an edible, in the form of CBD pills, it can be used to rub on the skin, and now, it has become popular to use in a vaporizer.
  • It may have many health benefits, but CBD is still illegal in many countries because of a lack of information and other political issues.

Best Ways to Consume CBD

Now let’s talk about the most common and practical ways of consuming CBD. Generally, what happens is, the recreational cannabis users don’t go very deep into finding out different ways of consuming cannabis, but when it comes to the medical world, things change. So, listed down below are some of the best ways in which one can consume cannabis.

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Cannabis oil is widely popular because it is very easy to find and more than easy to make. CBD oil contains high-quality CBD extracts. It can be used with different things such as being mixed with food and drinks. CBD oil can be used to make CBD rich edibles. This not only increases the medical benefits of using cannabis but also prevents any potentially harmful effects that it can cause.

CBD oil can replace or be mixed with vegetable oil while making food.

This might not be the best option, but it is a favorite for many people. Smoking CBD-rich strains can help in reducing anxiety. Since patients do sometimes require psychoactive drugs in order to deal with certain disorders, smoking strains that have a high amount of THC and CBD is something that one can consider. Moreover, this trend was set by marijuana smokers. But there are some downsides to it because smoking causes the leaves to combust. The combustion releases harmful chemicals that are not really good for your lungs. Moreover, smoking joints in public is still a taboo in a lot of places and can attract unnecessary attention. That’s why many prefer to smoke joints indoor which can be a con for many.

Vaping is something that is gaining more and more popularity. Many doctors suggest vaping as it has its own benefits and is a lot safer than smoking CBD. It can be easily done with vape pens that are easily available in the market. Vaping gives instant effects and can give relief from anxiety and panic attacks. Vape pens are a great investment when it comes to consuming CBD. The best part is that the vaporizers are very discreet and they leave very little smell which doesn’t linger around for a long time, unlike smoking.

These CBD sublingual sprays and drops are made from the concentrated tinctures of cannabis. These concentrates are then sprayed under the tongue. These sprays have a good amount of CBD, and in some cases, THC. One can change the ratio according to their preference. These sprays are very discreet and don’t grab a lot of attention.

Yes, you heard that right. There are in fact many CBD creams available and they are getting more popular day by day. These CBD topical creams are applied directly on the surface of the skin. These creams do not promote psychoactive effects as absorption through skin doesn’t get you high. So, the patients who are looking forward to not getting high consider these creams. These creams aren’t usually pure CBD but mixed with other beneficial ingredients.


CBD BenefitsNow that we can answer “what is CBD?”, we can say that CBD oil is very useful when it comes to medical purposes. It helps in the treatment of so many disorders and conditions. It might not be legal around the world, but with more and more studies and awareness, people will be able to know the medical benefits of using it and it will become more than a recreational drug. In the past few decades, more than 20,000 studies have been done to observe the effect of cannabinoids and the effect of cannabis on the human body. And most of these studies have shown positive effects, while others have shown effects related to the person getting high. These effects can be different for different people and it also depends on the amount of consumption. CBD is one of the major achievements in the cannabis industry as it serves medical purposes and treats a wide variety of disorders without showing any major side-effects.

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